Sunday, November 14, 2010

Welcome to my blog..

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Hello guys.. well today.. i have make another blog.. i got a blog before.. but that is private.. but now.. i wanna make a blog that everyone can read it.. i hope you guys enjoy to read my blog.. it is all about myself.. what i am doing.. and everything.. in this blog.. i will using english and bahasa melayu.. and i have to admit that my english not too good.. as long as u all can understand what i have wrote.. its good .. but .. i will learn how to improve my english.. that why i am writing this blog in english.. because one of the reason is.. i want to improve my english.. well.. u will know myself through this blog.. i cannot say much here.. because.. u will judge me from time to time by reading my blog.. i am happy to hear feedback from you all.. and thanks for read my  blog..

translate in Bahasa Melayu (B.M):

salam (for muslim) dan hello  kpd semua.. hari ni saya telah buat blog yang lagi satu.. saya ada blog sebelum ini.. tapi blog itu peribadi.. tapi sekarang, saya mahu buat satu blog yg semua org bleh bc.. sy hrp semua org akn suka bc blog sy.. blog ini menceritakan semua tentang diri saya.. apa yg saya telah buat dan segalanya. Dlm blog ni sy akan menggunkn bhsa melayu dan english.. awk akan mengenali siapa diri saya melalui blog ini.. sy tak akan berckp bnyk tentang diri sy.. awk semua akn menilai diri saya dri semasa ke semasa bila bc blog sy nieh.. sy sngt gembira meliht tndak bls anda sprti komen, kpd sy.. dan terima kasih sbb bc blog sy..

P/S: sorry.. sy jz singkatkan ayat jew dlm bhsa melayu.. 

this is me
(ini adalah saya)


  1. ka akn trus mmbc perkmbngn hnis

  2. toO..jia pon akn slalu vsit blog anis nih...hehe,...even i didn't have a blog hehe...
    hope u always epy dear :)

  3. ka: thanks dear... hanis menghargainya =D

    Jiaeve: thanks.. i appreciate a lot =D

  4. ika: sweet ae?.. biasa jew la dear.. thanks anyway.. =)


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