Sunday, November 14, 2010

American speak malay language? (org amerika ckp bhsa melayu?)

hey.. see i found something.. when i was open my facebook.. then i saw at 'home' page.. i saw one post from somebody.. i can't remember who.. but the title of the post was attract me.. and i found a video about american man who speak malay.. fluently!!.. i'm so shock.. huhuhu..the guy was awesome, handsome, and intelligent.. you guys must see this.. this is because he wants to teach malay how to speak english with the write slang.. this video is very good and give advantages..

translate (bahasa melayu)

hai.. sy temui sesuatu hari ni.. bila sy buka fb..pastu dkt halaman 'home' sy nmpak satu 'post' dr x ingat.. tp dia punya tajuk buat sy tertarik nak jumpa video tentang org amerika ckp melayu...fasih. wah.. tertarik mndngrnya... korang msti tngok.. sbb video nieh ajar kita(malay) mcmne nk ckp english dngn slang yg betul.. video no bagus dan banyak kelebihan..

here the link :

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