Sunday, August 26, 2012

we have been engaged!!

Alhamdulillah... my engagement's ceremony was succeed... that was the surprise that I've told you on my past post...what I want to say... I really love him... so much... and really hope our relationship will last forever (married) Thanks everyone who prayed for us... I have uploaded some teasers photos for you to see.. more photos will be upload on the next post...

honestly.. I love this dress so much!!!

my engagement makeup was done by myself

this engagement ceremony was not complete 
without 'wearing engagement ring' 
done by future mother-in-law

me and my fiance have been formally "engaged"

picture with my family and future mother-in-law

picture with future future sister-in-law



  1. wah..tahniaah... Nanti da kenduri Kahwin,jangan lupa ajak tao.. ^^

  2. from your post about hint a couple of weeks ago, I knew what you mean.

    so, congrats to both of you. I'm happy for you. longlast! :)

  3. hey, and you two are perfect couple. so sweet to see how beautiful and handsome you are.. :)
    can't wait to hear your story about wedding.

    visit my blog if you're not busy. thanks :D


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