Monday, August 6, 2012

breaking of the fast today with my ♥

Assalammualaikum and hello

today is 17 days Muslim being fasting in Ramadan Al-Mubarak.. and we (me and my lover) were decided to breaking of the fast together... after awhile we're not spent time together... and today we're met... so.. we breaking of the fast at 'Gemilang Burger's Restaurant'.. the restaurant's main food is western food.. so.. my lover ask for 'grilled chicken' for his menu of today.. and I ask for 'chicken chop with rice'.. I forgot to take some pictures... what I can say here is.. the chicken chop was not so delicious.. I can give 3 stars for the food.. not really tasty.. overall.. I am so happy because I can spent time together with him... Thanks Allah...
see u in my next blog!!

love ♥

ku nur hanis

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