Friday, August 10, 2012

10.8.2012-hint to a 'special day'

Assalammualaikum and Hello...

Today is a historical day ... what  happened?.. be patient.. I will keep this 'secret' for awhile.. but.. I will give you some 'hints' so that you can guess what is happening now.... last two days, me and my sister was busy to clean, painting our house and did some preparation for our 'special guests' that came to visit us... yeah... and Alhamdulillah... the date was set.. and... now we need to do some preparation for the 'special day'... what special day?? ... It's a surprise..

p/s: we have 1 week only to do a preparation for Eid Aidil Fitri... I think I want to do a cover song for the Eid Aidil Fitri... I just planning on it.... If I have some time.. InSya Allah.. I will do a cover song for Eid Aidil Fitri... =)... and Muslim.. don't forget... Lailatulqadar day is near to us... raise your 'faith'.. you will get rewards from Allah... InSyaAllah

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