Saturday, May 5, 2012

Katy Perry "Part of Me"(cover by me)

Hello everybody!!!

After 4 Months.. I come back with a new cover song called "Part of Me".. This song is originally singing by Katy Perry... I know.. my voice sound not good as her.. but I really love this song.. because this song reminds me to what I have been through in my life..  For me this song is about friendship not about lover... I had a lot of experiences in friendship.. sometime I felt down, sad, hate because of friendship..and also.. not to forget 'haters' yeah.. It's normal for me.. everybody in the world have their owns haters.. include me.. yeah.. in easy words... this song is for my friends who betray me, make me hurt and for my "beloved" haters also..  This song describe everything that I want to tell to 'them'... especially in this part of the lyrics: 

"This is the part of me
That you're never gonna ever take away from me, no
Throw your sticks and your stones
Throw your bombs and your blows
But you're not gonna break my soul"

This lyrics had told you that:

Whatever you have done to me.. even you make terrible things on me.. You will cannot make me down or make me fall.. I will never ever give up for what I have done now and I will try my best to make myself successful from whatever I have done(InsyaAllah).. you cannot stop me from anything..except Allah S.W.T

and last but not least...

I want to dedicate this song to a person who had been close to me, although it was for a while..since 2006-2008.. You had changed me.. I'd learnt a lot of things from you... And I don't know whether you friend with me because you want to use me because I was one of the teacher's daughter in the school and indirectly, I was your classmate and my place in class was beside you. We have been a good friend.. I can feel that.. We more like siblings.. (even we're different race)  but unfortunately, our friendship has ended because of there were many jealousy peoples over there.. they make us  a part.. I can't deny.. There were mistakes came from me too.. maybe this is our fate.. and I accept it... Thanks for came into my life...


p/s: Let just forgive and forget..and take it as lessons.. that  what I have done.. peace! =D


Let me know what do you think about this topic ?