Sunday, June 10, 2012

Girls' Generation(TTS)-Twinkle[Cover by Kunurhanis]

Hey everyone!

my new Korean song cover is now available on youtube..  I just singing for fun.. I know I sound not good like Girls Generation... But I really love this song..This video is like a 'teaser version'.. I mean, I will singing this song again in full version.. But I need to have a condenser mic(Audio Technica AT2020 USB) because now.. I using a cheap mic to record my voice.. and It's sound bad and not clear.. anyway.. Talks about this song.. originally sang by Girls Generation.. The video of this song really attracted me and then make me love the song.. I don't know whether I sang in a correct Korean pronunciation or not.. I sang based on the lyrics.. I hope Korean people will understand what I am singing... I will singing more better and keep practice it on my next Korean song.... hope you will like it...and please tell me what do u think on comment box below my blog.. and please.. don't be rude if u don't like my singing.. behave yourself please.. peace!!!  see you soon!!

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