Friday, December 21, 2012

from a sincere heart

"I was meet him in year 2009.. at the age of 18 years old..and we was studying together until I further my study in degree level...and now.. we are engaged!.. and I am waiting for the next step..a lot of obstacle we have been through.. It's like waiting for him for a thousand years.. this will describe how long I wait to be with him forever as his wife.. Ya Allah..please make my wish become true..aminnnn~

I don't know why I am writing like this.. and right now I am doing my assignment and it not complete yet... time now almost 2 am!.. I am alone, everyone is sleeping now... and I miss my fiancee so much.. almost a month we did not met...Tomorrow I have two test for two subject plus, one assignment need to submit... please pray for me so that everything goes well.. salam and see u next time~

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