Monday, October 29, 2012

Eid Aidil Adha 2012

Salam and Hello everyone...

Today I want to tell you about my Eid Aidil Adha story...Everyone has their own story about their Eid day... so am I..But this year is different than last year.. why?? because I will celebrate Eid day with my future husband and my future family-in-law... and It awesome!!... I never been in my mother-in -law house.. before this, my fiance has asked me to bring me to his house..but.. I am not ready..because we don't have a 'formal' relationship... until now.. we already engaged (formal relationship)...

 This story begin with me and my fiancee went out a day before Eid Aidul Adha... we went to find  clothes or a pair of shoes for the eid day.. Furthermore.. It was a special day for us after we did not meet each other since 1 and half month.. we spend time together..walk,eat and laugh.. felt like we have been fall in love for the second time..behind the happiness... there was an accident had occurred.. before we go back to home.. we have a car crash.. the accident was occurred when another car hits my fiancee car...the car wants to go out junction while we're in a straight line.. suddenly the car collidings our car.. the driver does not look left and right before go out junction.. so sad.. tomorrow is an eid day and there was an accident occurred..fortunately.. my fiancee car still can be drive... and we're really thankful to Allah for save our life from the accident 

~On the next day~

I woke up on that day with a nervous  and anxious feeling... Like usual.. My father woke up and went to mosque for praying (Eid Aidil Adha prayer) and then, we celebrate eid day to visit relative's house.. after Friday Prayer.. I started went to my fiancee house with my family.. my father doesn't follow us because he  was busy with 'Korban' ceremony.. I reached to my fiance's house at 3.30pm.. suprise.. his mother (future-mother-in-law) cooked curry mee for us.. it's delicious..and we took some photos special for my readers to see.. after visit my future mother-in-law.. me and my fiance went to his friend house while my mom and my two sisters went to visit my mother's friend house..

(I am not English native speaker..I like to practice writing in English for my future)

me with my fiance

I love this picture

 make a police report after the accident occurred

 Picture with my family and future mother-in-law

 With my family

 With my fiance.. we have same color!!

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