Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eid Aidil Adha/Hari Raya Aidil Adha

 Salam& hai semua... so.. pada 6hb november 2011.. adalah hari raya aidil Adha... serius best... aku dngn family braya dkt kedah..pagi2 tu aku n family g kg ayah.. so.. ada mkn2 dkt sana... best.. rumah  tok su aku buat 'laksa' n ketupat.. rumah tok teh ade kek secret recipe..dan daging korban dimasak sup and kicap.. mcm2 ag.. balik tu.. aku penat and tertido.. hahaha... keesoknnye plak.. 'buah hati' aku dtg rumah beraya.. bf adik aku dtg gak beraya... kami menghidangkan mee kuah kepada mereka.. bf aku ckp.. dia dh tak larat makan.. cz sudah kenyang.. aku letak mee bnyak.. dia dh x lrt nk mkn..huhuhu.. pastu.. bf aku ajak aku, adik2 aku n bf adik aku g main bowling... aku x main pun.. jz duduk and tangkap gambar je.. anyway.. serius enjoy gla raya ni.. aku hepy sngt... =)

Salam..hye.. well on 6 November 2011.. all muslim had celebrating Eid Aidil Adha... for those who don't know what is Eid Aidil Adha please click here .. I am so excited celebrating the eid day... Usually for my family, we woke up in the morning take a bath, get ready for the special clothes and pray for the eid day.. for my country.. we usually wear this(baju kurung) for female and this(baju melayu) for men.. this is our traditional nation clothes.. after we have prayed.. then for children.. we must go to see our parents and ask for forgiveness for present and past sins that we have done to them..usually after our parents have forgive us.. they will give some money to us.. the amount is depend on the parents... so.. that is my tradition in my country.. lets continue with my story.. after we get the money.. my father took my family went to visit his relative.. at there we meet and we eat.. what did we eat? usually we eat a special foods called as 'ketupat' and 'rendang' or 'serunding'.. that foods must have during the eid day.. beside that.. the house the we visit not only serving the special foods that i have said before.. they also can serve side foods such as cake, laksa, bihun sup.. but this side food are not necessary.. they can change to any side foods.. as long as our daily food.. so.. during the second day of the eid day.. my boyfriend( my love) come to my house with my sister boyfriend(her lover).. my mom, me and my sister had cook  'mee kuah' to them.. they ate it and after that my boyfriend took us( me, my two sisters and my sister lover) went to a mall to play bowling.. but i don't like to play bowling..i just sat and watched them played bowling... we also took some pictures.. =)

my love come to my house

me with my lover

my lover(left) with my sister's lover(right)

 (up) me and my love again.
(down) my sister's lover and my sister

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